Sports & Crosses

Sport of Fortunei Hyacinthina, separated from its parent 2yrs ago. Hopefully stable now. Looks a little like H.’Julie Morss’ (although the colours appear bright and strong as soon as the leaves emerge), perhaps a smaller version of H.’Warpaint’, or possbily most like H.’Moonstruck’. Images of all of these are below.

Sport of Fortunei Hyacinthina, separated from its parent 2yrs ago. Looks like a larger version of H.’Diamonds Are Forever’ with the wide variable cream margin and slightly rippled edge. The picture was taken in mid April though, so I would expect the leaves to grow larger and change shape.

Sport of Fortunei Hyacinthina, separated from its parent 2yrs ago. Some nice streaking still evident in its second year; let’s hope it lasts. I’ll try to get some seed from it this year.

H.’City Lights’ sport, separated from its parent 1yr ago. This type of solid sporting is usually temporary – the leaves emerge back with their normal colouration the next year. However, this is the second year that the plant has shown this same colouration.

H.’Undulata Albomarginata’ sport. Most of the plant seems to be showing signs of misting or streaking; I’m confident it’s not diseased, but I’ll be testing it shortly anyway.


Some sports with a shared parent are said to be very similar in appearance to each other. It seems that the more popular the parent, the more popular the sport; the more popular the sport, the more are offered for sale; the more offered for sale, the greater the chances of similar plants. A cynic may argue that similar sports are produced for more commercial reasons in many cases.

Take a look at the pictures below and decide for yourself…….

One of the most popular group of sports must surely be the Halcyon family. The white & yellow-margined sports are certainly some of my favourites – but are some of them identical to each other?

Valley’s glacier mid-April 2017

First Frost mid-April 2017

H.’Valley’s Glacier’ is a sport of H.’First Frost’. It’s said to have a wider margin. On this evidence, it’s wider, but only slightly.

El Nino mid-April 2017

Sleeping Beauty mid-April 2017

Blue Ivory mid-April 2017

Great Escape mid-April 2017

H.’Blue Ivory’ & H.’Great Escpae’ are certainly very similar. Both have a slight misting towards the margin, but the misting seems more pronounced on Great Escape, whilst Blue Ivory has slightly wider margin.

In the Shade Tunnel

Some of my favourite early risers.

Most of the hostas in the shade tunnels are up and well in leaf now by mid-April 2017

‘Deane’s Dream’ mid-April 2017

‘Dinner Jacket’ mid-April 2017

‘Dinner Mint’ mid-April 2017

‘Golden Oriole’ mid-April 2017. A wonderful vivid, bright gold, set off by the undulating leaves. The colour doesn’t come through as well as I’d like however on this photo.

‘Komodo Dragon’ mid-April 2017

‘Moonstruck’ mid-April 2017

‘Mourning Dove’ mid-April 2017. Another great subtle blue. I like the grey undertones coupled with the thin yellow margin. And not an expensive hosta at all!

‘Red Bull’ mid-April 2017

‘Remember Me’ mid-April 2017

‘Ringtail’ mid-April 2017

‘Sagae’ mid-April 2017

‘Skylight’ mid-April 2017. The leaf shape and powder-blue colour makes this one of my favourite blue hostas.

‘War Paint’ mid-April 2017

‘Wheaton Blue’ mid-April 2017

‘William Lachman’ seedling mid-June 2017. Bought at auction as a 1 year seedling in August 2016. Showing good streaking and stable for now.